Protecting Kids, Ending Trafficking

Join us in our mission to protect and preserve lives. Your donation, regardless of its size, can help us achieve our mission to actively engage in the fight against global trafficking by finding traffickers and predators, advocating for children’s protection, and promoting awareness about the dangers of trafficking for a safer world. 

Your gift will help us:

  1. Add three full-time investigators to our team that will enable us to engage over 1,000 predators a year.
  2. Increase the number of education events to reach 8,000 children and parents a year.

The average age of a trafficked child is just 14 years old. 

Your donation of 14 dollars a month helps The Asservo Project find traffickers and bring them to justice, defend children, and bring awareness about trafficking dangers.

14 dollars a month can make an actual difference in the fight against human trafficking.

Once you become aware of this criminal epidemic against humanity, how do you not get involved?

Children trafficked every year.

Estimated revenue generated from human trafficking globally.

Human Trafficking is most prevalent in Texas, New York, Florida & California.

Surveillance & Evidence Collection

Asservo investigators conduct cyber and in-person surveillance to locate, identify and track criminals and their networks. We work closely with federal, state, local and international law enforcement agencies to bring perpetrators to justice. 

Data Analytics

Partnering with organizations and agencies in cyber tracking and data analysis, we employ cutting edge analytics and tracing tools to identify individuals who target children and young adults. We work to find the perpetrators of these crimes before they commit them.

Awareness & Prevention

The Asservo Project facilitates educational seminars and discussions for schools and community organizations. We review warning signs that someone may be trafficked or exploited and explain how to report a suspected issue to increase awareness and decrease incidence of trafficking.

Have a Tip?

Please call our secure hotline, where you can anonymously
provide information to our team.