Our Mission

The mission of The Asservo Project is to combat global human trafficking, child exploitaion and sexual predators, support the recovery of victims, and aid in the imprisonment of perpetrators. Our team of diverse, dedicated, and experienced professionals utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to identify, analyze, and eradicate sexual exploitation and its associated networks.

Educating the Public.

A critical pillar of our work is community education, which we pursue with the awareness that by informing and empowering even one individual, we stand to prevent or undermine human trafficking in the future. In the process, we strive to encourage participants at virtual or in-person programming to leave with a sense of purpose, enhanced knowledge, and desire to share what they’ve learned with their own networks.

Once you become aware of this criminal epidemic against humanity, how do you not get involved?

Children trafficked every year.

Estimated revenue generated from human trafficking globally.

Human Trafficking is most prevalent in Texas, New York, Florida & California.

Gathering Intelligence.

Combating modern human trafficking necessitates the use of open source intelligence gathering and data analysis. Our team uses a number of effective techniques to locate predatory rings and networks and to share these findings with law enforcement in the interests of rescuing human lives and incarcerating those who seek to harm them.

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