The Asservo Project.

The Asservo Project was founded by Joseph Sweeney in 2017 in an effort to combat human trafficking and child exploitation through coordinated collaboration with law enforcement, assistance to victims, and educational programming designed to empower the general public. 

Established in Pittsburgh, PA, The Asservo Project team consists of experts from law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and more. We operate with a local, regional,  national, and international scope, recognizing the pervasiveness of human trafficking and building partnerships with like-minded organizations invested in rescuing victims of human trafficking and incarcerating those who contribute to its ongoing existence. 

Saving lives is at the center of our work, which is why we build networks of collaboration and offer concrete aid to those impacted by human trafficking. This includes coordination with law enforcement and other partner organizations to remove victims from abusive circumstances, provide safe shelter, and facilitate recovery. 

The final, but equally crucial component of our work, is educating the general public through our digital resources, podcasts, and  in-person and virtual programming. Our goal is to empower and embolden the public to play an active role in educating others and serve as community “watchdogs” invested in protecting those who are vulnerable.

Our Mission.

Derived from the Latin verb meaning “watch over or guard”

The mission of The Asservo Project is to combat global human trafficking, child exploitaion and sexual predators, support the recovery of victims, and aid in the imprisonment of perpetrators. Our team of diverse, dedicated, and experienced professionals utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to identify, analyze, and eradicate sexual exploitation and its associated networks.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to end human trafficking through intervention, education, and protection. We strive to see a well-informed public take a uniform stance against human trafficking, while those who have been victimized fully recover with the support of their communities.

Volunteer with Us

Our team is always looking for new volunteers, and we invite you to apply.