The Asservo Project

Taking its name from a Latin term meaning to keep watch, guard, preserve and rescue, The Asservo Project formed when U.S. Security Specialist Joe Sweeney returned from an anti-terrorism program abroad haunted by horrific stories he heard about child kidnapping and human trafficking. Back at home in Pittsburgh, Sweeney learned from law enforcement colleagues that trafficking was on the rise in the United States as well. He and his wife, Sue, felt called to help strapped government agencies who lacked the staff and resources to tackle every trafficking case. They recruited a team of law enforcement and military experts who work  to hunt down traffickers and deliver the evidence needed to bring them to justice to the proper authorities. 

Our team brings a wide breadth of experience and resources to its efforts to track and apprehend traffickers. Founded by a former SWAT operator, bomb squad commander and explosive security specialist for the U.S. Government, The Asservo Project also boasts the expertise of a retired narcotics detective and private investigator, a U.S. Navy veteran skilled in counterinsurgency and cryptologic linguistics and a former Navy SEAL crisis and risk management specialist.

Today, Asservo also complements its surveillance and evidence collection work with a robust community education campaign to make children, young adults and their parents aware of increased online threats.

Our Mission

The mission of The Asservo Project is to combat global human trafficking and child exploitation, support the recovery of survivors and aid in the imprisonment of perpetrators targeting children and young adults.

Our Vision

Our vision is to fight human trafficking through intervention, education and protection. We strive to see a well-informed public take a uniform stance against human trafficking, while those who have been victimized fully recover with the support of their communities.

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