Intelligence Gathering

Open-Source Intelligence Gathering

We pursue predators in the dark places of the web where their networks operate and hide. By partnering with the leading organizations and agencies in cyber tracking and data analysis, we employ cutting-edge analytics and tracing tools to identify individuals who target children, young adults, and the vulnerable. We work to find the perpetrators of these crimes before they commit them. Our actions have a direct impact on eradicating this criminal enterprise.

We take action in the following areas:

Gathering public information from the web (social media, etc.)
Monitoring the dark web
Tracking possible/current predators in sex trafficking circles
Providing gathered relevant information to law enforcement

Why Data is So Critical

Modern agencies depend on online information to locate perpetrators because a large percentage of trafficking is facilitated/operated online. The Asservo Project recognizes the need for expertise in this area to infiltrate and monitor these operations. We dedicate much of our capacity and resources to this crucial work to ensure that we remain a valuable partner to law enforcement and a watchdog for those who are vulnerable on the web.

In addition to our open source intelligence gathering, The Asservo Project also provides communications support to a number of relevant, federal law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

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