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Human Trafficking


Kristine Kelosky


November 16, 2018

Hello friends!

It’s November. Now is the time when Thanksgiving plans are made, Christmas shopping gets underway in full force, and people are looking for ways to be charitable.

We are such a fortunate people in this country. We get to celebrate Thanksgiving, go Black Friday shopping the following day, and participate in Cyber Monday in the comfort of our pajamas.

In 2012 the #GivingTuesday movement started. This has provided so many ways for people to put into action their appreciation for what they have in life. One way to find an organization to donate to is Give Big Pittsburgh. This platform is putting local nonprofits in one place and allowing you to donate to a cause that you care about. The Asservo Project is listed on this website.

Popular financial radio host, Dave Ramsey, says “giving to those in need will bring more joy than money could ever buy.” So after the Thanksgiving dinner has been consumed, but before you spend a ton of money on material items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider budgeting some money to give to those in need on Giving Tuesday. Maybe you could even make a donation in the name of someone else for a Christmas present. A classic two birds, one stone scenario.

So, how does human trafficking relate to Thanksgiving dinner? The topic is uncomfortable and anxiety inducing. It’s not something you want to discuss while eating Thanksgiving dinner; however, I did do a quick Google search and it wasn’t listed as a topic not to discuss. So why not bring it up at the dinner table? In between the awkward discussion of politics and how dry the turkey is, just slide in a comment about how human trafficking is overtaking the drug cartels as the fastest growing criminal enterprise. You’ll probably get some looks, but mention you’re considering a donation to help the Asservo Project to fight against this despicable issue. To the person who seems the most supportive and is on your Christmas list, consider a donation in their name.

The interesting thing is that you CAN DO SOMETHING about human trafficking. By making a donation to the Asservo Project on #GivingTuesday (or any other day) you are fighting these terrible people by allowing those equipped on the front lines to take the fight to the street and help rescue victims of modern day slavery. You are an ABOLITIONIST. Your funds demonstrate that you want to put an end to this awful
practice. Asking for financial support is uncomfortable to say the least, and there are other ways to fight this problem, but if you are going to make a donation on #GivingTuesday please examine the Asservo Project as a worthy recipient of your funds.

Where your money is so is your heart.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.
The Asservo Project Team!