Riding to the Rescue


Jul 16 2022

Over the past several years we have supported The Asservo Project (TAP) successfully by having a fund raiser bike ride. We are going to do this again Saturday, July 16 with a ride on the Panhandle Trail. It will begin at the Walkers Mill Trailhead about 1.5 miles out of Carnegie. You will be able to choose your ride based on your skill confidence. Choose from a 17 mile, 35 mile or 56 mile trip. Since this is a fund raiser, we ask that you raise as much support as you are able to help combat Human Trafficking. Minimum to ride is $100. If you raise $100 or more, your registration fee will be waived and your credit card will not be charged. For participants who raise over $500, you will receive a custom Riding to the Rescue shirt!

TAP will provide snacks at the halfway point (Colliers, W.V) on the 56 mile trip and lunch for all as you get back to the start point around 1 PM. Check your calendar. Time to begin prep for the ride. Invite others to join you. Begin to raise funds. All checks payable to The Asservo Project or TAP.

Meet at The Walkers Mill Trailhead early enough to be ready at your start time rain or shine. The 56 mile trip leaves at 7:45 AM. The 35 mile trip leaves at 9:30 AM. The 17 mile trip leaves at 11:00 AM.


The event is finished.

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