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We organize a variety of educational events for organizations ranging from schools, churches, businesses, and more. In each case, our overriding aim is to raise awareness regarding human trafficking and child exploitation, demonstrating how people can become involved to combat these criminal activities.

Throughout the year, we host a number of fundraising events to support the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation. Whether it’s a 5k walk/run, summer bike ride, an auction, a paintball event, winery gathering, or a formal gala, we strive to offer engaging and fun programming that attracts public support for a worthy and urgent cause.

Please explore our various event types below.

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Host an Awareness Event

Change starts with awareness. You don’t have to be the hostess with the mostest to make an impact. What audience can you gather to educate on modern-day slavery and the movement to end it?  From family and friends to neighbors and co-workers, you have more of an audience than you think! An event like this could save someone’s life and encourage others to join in the fight.

Host a Fundraising Event

What are you already doing that could help this cause? Do you like to golf? Why not host a golf outing that supports saving children from the slave trade? Do you have a senior project that needs to give back to the community in some way? Host a 5k run to raise money in support of fair trade markets. Whatever it is, you can use your platform to be a voice for those whose voices have been silenced.

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