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Alongside the tangible work we conduct in conjunction with law enforcement and our valued partners, we prioritize educating the general public and current/future volunteers on issues surrounding human trafficking. We frequently update and adapt our educational resources to remain engaging and informative for all our audiences. We encourage you to explore our resources below.

Asservo Tip Line

We offer a discrete, secure, and safe tip line where you can share any information that concerns a verifiably or potentially unsafe situation involving human trafficking, child exploitation, or abuse. Any information you share is completely confidential and you are entitled to remain anonymous.


Have a question regarding our work or opportunities to collaborate with our organization? Please explore our FAQs.

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Human trafficking is a global issue unfolding in a variety of settings and contexts. We strive to provide the latest and most relevant news to our supporters.

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Our tip line is is completely confidential and you
are entitled to
remain anonymous