The Asservo Tip Line

Confidential, Safe & Secure

We encourage the general public to contribute to our work in the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation. We understand that sharing information regarding possible criminal activity can feel intimidating or overwhelming. That’s why we offer a discrete, secure, and safe tip line where you can share any information that concerns a verifiably or potentially unsafe situation involving human trafficking, child exploitation, or abuse. Any information you share is completely confidential and you are entitled to remain anonymous.

Call: 877 SAVE 994

When to Call

If you have witnessed suspicious behavior that may be related to child exploitation, abuse, or human trafficking
If you are in danger of or are currently a victim of human trafficking and/or exploitation
If you are a past or current victim of human trafficking or abuse seeking help and support

The above examples represent only a few possible reasons to call our tip line. We encourage you to use our tip line for any and all concerns related to human trafficking and child exploitation.

More Ways to Give

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You can join the fight against human trafficking with your time and talent.