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Combating Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation

We believe that every person is entitled to live in peace and choose their own path free from fear. Human trafficking and child exploitation, in all of its forms, robs freedom and basic rights from the individual. It is our mission to stop these horrible practices and hold these criminals accountable.

We do this by identifying individuals engaging in these criminal enterprises and providing law enforcement at all levels with information on their networks, behaviors, and patterns. Together, our staff represents decades of combined experience in law enforcement, military, advocacy, and research. Our close affiliation with global organizations and law enforcement partners provides the foundation to assist in the pursuit, surveillance, and prosecution of human traffickers as well as the rescue, recovery, and support of the victims.

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Data Analytics

We pursue predators in the dark places of the web where their networks operate and hide. By partnering with the leading organizations and agencies in cyber tracking and data analysis, we employ cutting-edge analytics and tracing tools to identify individuals who target children, young adults, and the vulnerable. We work to find the perpetrators of these crimes before they commit them. Our actions will have a direct impact eradicating this criminal enterprise.

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Awareness and Prevention

Raising awareness for human trafficking is a priority for The Asservo Project. We provide educational seminars and discussions at schools, organizations, and workplaces to present the identifying signs of someone being trafficked or exploited. Our relationships with other organizations provide a broad outreach program to educate as many as possible to recognize child exploitation and human trafficking, report it, and prevent it from occurring.

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