Our Team

Joe Sweeney

Brenda Lutz

Education and Awareness Coordinator

About 15 years ago my passion for stopping Human Trafficking ignited when I read a little book called “The Good News About Injustice”. I had no idea that this went on in our world. A few years later I found myself at a large conference and heard Christine Caine speaking about the organization she and her husband started called A21 and God spoke directly to my heart and said “Brenda, you need to do something about this!” I thought “What am I going to do?? I’m a wife, mother (now a Grammy), a cake decorator/baker by trade – what can I do?? So I began by educating myself and learning everything I could about Human Trafficking. I have worked with teens and youth for over 25 years on a volunteer basis and the more I learned the more I had an urgency to educate them and the general public. I knew that was the first step in combating this heinous crime.  Knowledge is power and if we are going to protect our friends, families and community it has to start with education. That eventually led me to The Asservo Project. I have been their Awareness and Education Coordinator for 2 years and what a blessing it has been to work along side an amazing organization that puts integrity first.  My heart is to get into every school with a presentation that we have developed to empower students and keep them safe as well as give students that have already been approached or trafficked HOPE and help. However, I will educate anyone that is willing to listen, because education is the key!  If you have a heart for bringing an end to Modern Day Slavery, why not put together a group of your neighbors, friends, colleagues, church group or coworkers and invite us in for a presentation. You can email me at blutz@theasservoproject.org