Our Team

Buddy Swissheim

Buddy Swisshelm

Board Secretary

Buddy has been on the board since The Asservo Project started. He joined because he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and believes in helping those who cannot help themselves. Buddy serves as the Board Secretary. He fully believes that the team at The Asservo Project is truly combating a difficult area and making a difference in people’s lives.

Owner of Digital Signs and Marketing, an outdoor sign company, Buddy has been in the sign business for 44 years. He ran the top sales office for a national sign company until 2016 when he started his own company. His office held all of the records for sales and delivery, which still stand today.

Married with three children and three grandchildren, Buddy’s most significant concern is keeping all children safe from those who would harm them. Being part of the Asservo Project is one way Buddy can make a difference.

As a public speaker and having managed people for over 40 years, I believe that speaking for the Asservo Project is natural for Buddy. Buddy also authorizes two books, “Is Your Why Bigger Than Your But? And “What Dad Says”. Both books have the same theme: helping people. He is currently publishing a third book, “Finnegan Begin Again.”