What We Do

Mission Statement

Derived from the Latin verb meaning “watch over or guard”

The mission of The Asservo Project is to combat global human trafficking, child exploitation and sexual predators, support the recovery of victims, and aid in the imprisonment of perpetrators. Our team of diverse, dedicated, and experienced professionals utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to identify, analyze, and eradicate sexual exploitation and its associated networks.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to end human trafficking through intervention, education, and protection. We strive to see a well-informed public take a uniform stance against human trafficking, while those who have been victimized fully recover with the support of their communities.


Through vigilant intelligence gathering, close collaboration with law enforcement, valuable partnerships, and public education, we actively combat human trafficking and its pervasive networks. Our strong ties with global organizations and law enforcement agencies form the bedrock of our efforts, enabling us to pursue, and help provide what is needed to prosecute human traffickers while rescuing, rehabilitating, and supporting their victims.

We pursue into the dark depths of the web where these networks operate and hide, partnering with leading cyber tracking and data analysis experts. Armed with cutting-edge analytics and tracing tools, we identify those who target children, young adults, and the vulnerable. Our aim is to uncover and report these predators before they can victimize. Each predator turned in to law enforcement means an average of 50-75 children protected from potential harm.


We conduct informative seminars and discussions at schools, workplaces, and various organizations, arming them with the knowledge to recognize signs of trafficking and exploitation, increased awareness, and tips to prevent it from ever taking place.

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