Stop Predators. Support Victims.

The average age of a trafficked child is just 14 years old. 

The Asservo Project’s investigations and surveillance help law enforcement take down traffickers. Each arrest saves countless kids from danger. 

Your donation of 14 dollars a month helps The Asservo Project find traffickers and bring them to justice, defend children, and bring education and awareness about trafficking dangers.

Your $14 monthly gift can help save the next 14-year-old child.

Help Further Our Mission

Donations not only assist us in funding our day-to-day operations, but allow us to branch out into the community to pursue more and more educational efforts and impactful collaborations with law enforcement and advocacy-centered organizations. By giving even a small amount in support of our work, you are contributing to the elimination of human trafficking, the recovery of those affected by it, and the broadscale education of the public.

Thank you for your support!

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You can join the fight against human trafficking with your time and talent.